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    Michal had a wonderful 2 years in the JCC. We were so happy and proud to see Michal developing during our stay in Canada and we are really grateful for the education she received at school. The JCC was the best school we could wish for her.   Hadar and Daniel,  parents


    We wanted to share some feedback on a spontaneous project that Maya brought home from school. 

    The attached picture shows a feather comparison between one she found and one that was at school.  Beyond the details of the feathers, we thought this was such a beautiful project that her teachers engaged her with after she had shown interest in them.  This is truly a testament to the amazing educators working with the children and their abilities to engage their interests.  We really appreciate Caroline, Sue and Julia going above and beyond to create a little project for Maya to think about and further articulate her observations.  

    We've shared this project with our family and everyone has asked her further questions, prompting more discussion.  Who knew a few little features could spark such interest. :-) 


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    We recently just enrolled our 3.5 yo daughter into the Preschool, and we couldn’t be happier with how well and quickly she has adjusted. We made the decision to enrol her in the full day program at the MNjcc because we could tell that she was ready for a more challenging environment where she would be able to engage in different activities that would spark growth and learning and to be able to learn about the Jewish culture in a fun way. We can literally see her face light up every time we talk about school, it's such a great thing to see. She is super excited about everything, every time we pick her up she’s dragging us around her classroom wanting to have us look at all the things she gets to do. Just recently she shared with us which Jewish Holiday was coming up. As a parent, knowing she’s getting introduced to the Jewish culture and celebrating them in a beautiful way is a wonderful bonus for our family. The teachers/staff are amazing and extremely helpful. Everyone is so sweet, calm, and caring; they are the type of role-models you want your children to be around and learn from. Anytime I have inquiries about her day, how well she ate, if she napped, how she’s doing going to the bathroom, etc, they are able to provide me with a good breakdown of how she’s doing. I feel confident and happy with our daughter being here and would highly recommend any parent to enrol their child!

    - Mend and Arieanne Stern

    Over the past three years, our two young children have had the privilege of attending both the Libbie Cowan Childcare Centre and the Marjorie Schwartz Preschool at the MNJCC. Our experience with both levels of early childhood education has been nothing short of amazing. The staff comprises a group of dedicated, compassionate and intelligent teachers who have always, as far as I can see, put the best interests of our children first. As Director of Children’s Education, Cathy Indig has upheld the highest standards of the profession and has done a remarkable job coordinating her classes, working hands-on with both students and teachers, and maintaining excellent relations with the parents. As a whole, the team appears to have a common goal in mind: to ensure every child has the opportunity to grow and reach their greatest potential. Cathy and the group of teachers have an obvious passion for educating and this is reflected (in part) in our children's enthusiasm to learn. I would never hesitate to highly recommend these two childcare facilities to anyone. Over the past few years, the staff have become an extension of our family and it is comforting to know that our children are in such capable hands during the weekday work hours. Thank you for giving this to us. We feel so fortunate to be part of this community and are thrilled that our children have been given such an enriching start to their education.

    -Jennifer, parent

    Our daughter Simone, now five, started at the MNJCC Libbie Cowan Childcare Center in 2012. After having an incredible, positive and nurturing experience there, we knew that we wanted her to attend the MNJCC's Thomas & Marjorie Schwartz Preschool Center (TMSPC). We are so grateful to Cathy Indig and the preschool staff for the past three years. Since starting there in September 2013, Simone has matured, has learned valuable social skills and accomplished so much, and is so excited to learn and experience new things. Thanks to the care and guidance of her teachers, Simone has been shaped into such a polite, confident, kind, caring, responsible, creative, and resourceful little person who thinks for herself and comes up with the most complicated and interesting questions. There have been so many and unexpected benefits too. We are awed by how much Simone enjoys and knows about celebrating Shabbat and the Jewish Holidays. We have laughed and loved watching her and her class perform at Chanukah, Purim, and Passover concerts at the Al Green Theatre. Through the school and the fun events it hosts, we have met and gotten to know so many wonderful families who are so important to us. We know that these achievements are due to the school's Learn Through Play philosophy and teaching methods, to the amazing teachers it staffs, and to the caring and direction of Cathy Indig. We did not have any doubt when it came time to sign our two and a half-year-old son Ben for childcare and preschool that he should follow Simone's footsteps. Ben will be graduating from Libbie Cowan this summer and starting a new and undoubtedly wonderful adventure at TMSPC in the fall. That's all to say, wholeheartedly, that your child will be in the best, safe and nurturing care, at the MNJCC and at TMSPC.

    -Ronnie, parent

    "We wanted to share our good experience at the MNjcc with other parents, considering on looking into sending their child to preschool. We thought about describing the outstanding teachers and staff, the facility and diverse activities children are involved in, the calm environment and the help Mika, our 4-year-old daughter, received, adjusting to the move from Israel, and learning a new language. But considering our clumsy English and our Israeli pragmatism, we chose to stick with the facts:

    • 1. Mika is happy to go every morning to school.
    • 2. She counts down the days on the weekend and vacations.
    • 3. She continues next year at the Mnjcc preschool.
    • 4. Her sister, Alma, 16 months old, just started the childcare 2 weeks ago - she is also happy to go!
    • 5. Mika told us recently over dinner, that she loves us so so much that the only person she loves more is her teacher Caroline (she was trying to prove how intense her love to her parents is..).

    So, yep, we recommend the childcare centre wholeheartedly - our girls love going there!!"

    -Liat and Alona, parents

    extra 10The MNjcc Preschool is a warm, nurturing environment with caring, experienced staff. Our son attended both the childcare and preschool and the caliber of programming, facilities and teachers is excellent. In addition to their daily activities, the children benefit from the various activities at the JCC, such as participation in the intergenerational choir and our son's favorite, having a buddy from Paul Penna. Our son loved going to school everyday and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

    -Rebecca and David, Preschool Parents

    It is hard to put into words multitude of ways in which we are grateful for Cathy and the incredible teachers in both the Childcare and Preschool programs. Our daughter has blossomed under the affection and attention of both the teachers and her fellow classmates. When she started as a busy toddler of 18 months, Helena would give her a big hug and a cuddle every morning at drop off making it so much easier for me to leave. Susan, Mary Grace & Cindy instilled a love of learning and taught the children to care for each other. We have held on to several of her daily report cards, but my favorite is one describing how Stella comforted a friend in her class when he hurt himself. Moving into the ‘big kid’ room was a beautiful transition - the teachers give the children tools to assist them and give them space to mature. Felicia, Jenna & Sue always came up with fun ways to teach the children through play. The egg that cracked and turned into a dinosaur over a period of days made a lasting impression on Stella. It is hard to believe that the day has come for us to move on from the MNJCC but we will forever remember the incredible start our daughter has been given.

    -Leigh, parent

    There is a happy hum at the nursery – it is wonderful to come in day after day, and sense misc1how happy and excited the children are, as they engage in a wide array of interesting activities. Our son loves it, and we are very impressed with the teachers, director, programs, and the overall atmosphere.

    -Noa M.A. Nursery school parent

    Often in the playground, a parent will ask me where my children went to Nursery School.  I very proudly and gratefully respond: the Miles Nadal JCC Nursery School. "But it's just Nursery School, Natalie. Aren't they all the same?" I reply: "No. this one is different. At the MNJCC Nursery School, they combine Learn Through Play pedagogy--which research has shown to be the best  approach for young children with a unique blend of nurturing, creativity, and a passion for teaching in an accepting, supportive, tolerant downtown community. The teachers instill in children confidence, security, and curiosity which prepares them perfectly for elementary school. There is nothing else like this Nursery School in the city." If a Nobel Prize could be given to an education facility, it would go to Director, Cathy Indig, and her devoted staff.

    - Natalie Fingerhut, parent

    I was absolutely delighted when Cathy Indig, the Director of Early Childhood Education at Miles Nadal JCC, called me to let me know that my daughter had a spot at MNJCC nursery for her JK year. I had heard wonderful things about MNJCC nursery from many parents whose children attended their program. Now my daughter is in her 4 month at MNJCC nursery program, and she loves her school! A happy child makes a happy parent, and my husband and I are thrilled that our daughter is blossoming in this wonderfully nurturing and caring environment. As a teacher myself, I recognize and value other pedagogues’ commitment to their students’ care and success. Every day when I drop my daughter off, I can see that each and every staff member at the program greets all children with a broad welcoming smile inviting their little students to join in and participate in so many various activities. My daughter loves her music class and her gym activities and she looks forward to having her snacks with her classmates and teachers. We are very happy with the school, and I would recommend this program wholeheartedly to every parent who is considering preschool options for their children.

    - Alan and Irena Bourke, parents

    extra 5Every day when I drop my three year old son off at nursery school he gives me a sweet smile, says hi to his teachers, the other kids and runs quickly off to play. Within minutes he's happily engaged in some great activity, like building with blocks, cooking pancakes, solving a puzzle. It's incredible to watch. And it feels incredible to know that my son is somewhere that makes him feel secure, happy, safe, encouraged and challenged. The MNJCC is a wonderful place. Truly. The teachers are thoughtful, knowledgeable and lovely. The program is always evolving, creative and seems tailored to each child's individual curiosities and interests. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

    - Michele Henry, parent

    “Our daughter had a wonderful, nurturing and enriching experience at the Miles Nadal JCC Nursery School under Cathy Indig’s direction. Ms. Indig and all of the staff were lovely, engaged with the children and communicated well with the parents. In addition, there was always something fun and interesting going on at the school for the young and budding minds! We could not have been happier with our daughter’s first experience at school.”

    -Monique Lafontaine, parent

    My experience with JCC Nursery and my daughter Abigail's for the 3 years she attended was most positive!  The staff are amazing, they are caring, devoted, nurturing, gifted individuals. Abigail looked forward every day to nursery with enthusiasm.   The atmosphere is warm and friendly and there is a sense of family.  Lots of creativity for the children, fun, fun fun!!  Thank you all for your wonderful contribution in making Abi's early years a wonderful experience!

    - Balla and Abigail, parent

    Our son attended the MNJCC Nursery School for two years,  followed by our daughter who is in her first year of the program.  Our family has been very happy with the positive, safe and child-focused environment that the program provides.  The staff is extremely nurturing and treats the children with care and compassion.  The program has a great balance between structured activities and free play.  The philosophy of the school respects each child's learning style and, for example, allows children to eat when they are hungry, choose their activities throughout the day and play outside when they choose.  The school's focus on social and emotional development has been truly amazing for our children, and they have gained tools which will be useful to them throughout their lives.  My daughter looks forward to going to school and runs into the classroom each morning, as did my son.

    -Darya Altenberg, parent

    All of our three children have gone to the MNJCC Nursery under the leadership of Cathy Indig.  Our youngest child is now in her last year.  Our sons often tell their little sister to enjoy it while it lasts as they recall all of the special days of nursery school - not just holidays but Pajama Day and 100th day of school and Beach Day and swim days just to name a few. Our daughter missed Pajama Day last year due to illness and her older brother felt so very sorry for her. Each of the staff at the nursery is excellent and they have been together for years. Our daughter can't wait to get to school in the morning and we feel very lucky to have had such a wonderful nursery for our children.

    -Karen Goos and Steven Salamon, parents

    I feel lucky to have had both of my children attend the MNJCC Nursery School.Cathy and her team creates such a caring, fun and stimulating environment for the children.My children loved going there every day and cherished the relationships they made with both teachers and other children. It was a wonderful start to their education.

    -Meredith Moreno, parent


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