We hear from people all the time about what the J means to them.  Some people fondly remember attending preschool with us decades ago, some met their soulmate at one of our famous dances in the gym. We love hearing your J Story and want to fill this section of our website with your beautiful words, tributes, (and pictures if you've got them)! 

    Tell us what you love about the J or why it has played a special role in your life or the life of someone you care about.  

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    My parents, Marilyn & Alvin Abram met in 1957 at the (then called) Y Lounge on Spadina and two weeks ago (in October 2020) they celebrated 60 years of marriage!

    To commemorate this milestone event, my family wanted to donate to an organization that had meaning to them. Not only does the Miles Nadal JCC hold a special place because it is where their lives together started, but it also supports their lifelong commitment to community service and giving back. Congratulations to Marilyn & Alvin Abram on 60 years of togetherness, laughter, happiness, friendship, love, respect and a whole lot of wonderful memories!

    Much Love,

    --Lori, Phil, Ally & Skyler

    Marilyn Alvin Abram Young   Marilyn Alvin Abram older

    There are so many to choose from, but the standout memory is playing with my older brother at the back of the main gym while my mother, Eleanor Levine led fitness classes in the early '70s.

    Sometimes we would try to follow the routines, but we would inevitably get bored and go back to playing with each other. As we got older and turned into teenagers, she turned to us for musical suggestions that would appeal to the younger demographic. We no longer attended very often, but I clearly remember feeling very proud that my old (to me) mother was still at the front of the room leading those classes!

    --Mischa Levine

    I love the sense of community at the MNjcc. You feel as though you belong there the moment you walk in the door. No matter what your background is, the MNjcc makes you feel welcomed and a part of the family. The friendly staff lead to this immense feeling of inclusiveness, and the excellent programming is just the icing on the cake!

    --Laura Rowland

    I remember coming down to the Miles Nadal JCC with Ephram.
    I couldn't wait to get there to show him the bouncy castle, gym and be with all the other kids, and parents.
    When we got there, he burst out of my arms and ran into the bouncy castle. He also had a great time on the gymnastics equipment and more.
    The smile on his face, and him laughing made me so happy and warm. It was his first time and mine, for my younger son, and I enjoyed every minute of it!

    -Michelle Winter Fleishman

    A woman and child posing in front of a bouncy castle


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