child making caramel apples on a stickOur daughter has always been embraced and supported by all staff in the building.  There is a strong sense of community within the Miles Nadal JCC that is absolutely unique in this city. She has strong and admirable adults to look up to as role models in and out of the classroom, and an ever growing network of friendships that we consider essential to our daughter’s growth as a child.   We love being part of the MNJCC family and would recommend it to anyone considering sending their child there!

    Sarah, Childcare Parent

    "Our daughter Sophia has blossomed from the curriculum and you can feel how much her teachers Shannon, Helena and Claudia really care about the children in the room. It is an environment that promotes fun, learning, and curiosity. We are thrilled with the diversity in the classroom from program to nationality and love that the traditions and holidays are instilled in the children at a young age. Overall, I feel our daughters development and ability to empathize, share and socialize have been greatly enhanced from her experience. I wish there was an infant program that could accept our new baby boy in due course...."

    Linda, Childcare parent

    I absolutely love the Libbie Cowan Childcare Centre. The staff are amazing and my daughter settled in very quickly. On days when she might be a little sad they easily distract her, setting her up with a fun activity, and the tears stop very quickly. I love the additional programming that the center offers - Sportball, play time in the gym, Jungle Gym, cooking and celebrating Shabbat. My daughter's language skills have increased incredibly in the half a year she has been at the centre and I really appreciate the staff's help with toilet training! She has made many friends, both with her peers and the staff, and the MNJCC environment as a whole is a very welcoming and friendly community.

    Eve, Childcare parent

    I am grateful for how lucky we are to have our daughter at LCCC. We know she's in an environment that is safe, stimulating, and full of love. She's well fed, has regular diaper changes, and gets lots of exercise, art, reading, singing and play. She even naps better at school than at home! Early socialization was important to us, and LCCC has met this need. As for our daughter, she is thriving. She can't wait to "go to school" every morning to see her friends!

    Alexa, Childcare parent

    Our daughter was in the first group of children in the daycare when it opened and we are now on the list to enroll our third child. From the first moment I walked into the Centre, I knew that this was where I wanted my children to be and it has become an integral part of our lives for the past four years. Dana, and her phenomenal staff, run a high quality program, ensuring that they adhere to the highest standard of excellence in everything they do. Every day, I am reminded how much Mary Grace, Susan, and Cindy genuinely love my children and have become part of our extended family. They go above and beyond in nurturing a warm and loving environment, planning creative and innovative activities for the children, and operate the program seamlessly.

    One of the best indicators of the strength of the program and it's staff are that the majority of the teachers that began at the daycare with my daughter are still there, four years later, with my son. I trust them with my children implicitly and know how much they are cared for. We enjoy being part of the diverse MNJCC community, as drop off and pick up have become two of our favourite times of the day!

    Jaime Walman and Rabbi Noam Katz

    As any parent new to child care, I was quite nervous when our toddler started at Libbie Cowan (yes, there were tears from my child and I!) - but I needn't have worried!  All of the child care professionals were welcoming, willing to answer all of my questions and attentive to keeping me up-to-date on my child's progress.  They ensured that my child adjusted to this new experience and felt safe and comfortable - so that she could learn, explore and play.  Watching the staff with the children - and seeing how much they care about my child, her happiness and her development is a comfort. The environment and staff are exceptional and I am delighted about our choice in child care centre.  I would highly recommend the Centre to any parent considering child care.

    Lora, Childcare Parent

    Ben usually won't let anyone other than us hold him - yet every morning when we bring him in, he reaches out to get to his teacher and gives her a big hug! We know this is because she is so wonderful, and also because from day 1, he has had such an incredible experience in the Childcare. He has learned so much, and every time we peek in on him he is busy in an enriching activity and totally happy. Thanks to everyone on the staff for giving him this experience and giving us the peace of mind that he is happy and well cared-for.

    Ronnie and Denes, Childcare Parents

    You and your team do such incredible work with the children. Marina and I never fail to be impressed with the creativity, caring, and dedication that we witness every day. We never fail to share the stories of Avianna's fantastic experiences - not to mention her rapid development - under the nurturing guidance of teachers and the total environment of the program.

    Our family is so blessed that Avianna is part of the Libbie Cowan Childcare Centre. You have all added so much to our lives.

    Mark and Marina, Childcare Parents

    To say that my husband and I have are happy with the care and learning that our son receives at the Libbie Cowan Childcare Centre, would be an incredible understatement.

    From day 1, we have both been extremely impressed with the competence, compassion and experience of his teachers. Not only did they help Michael feel welcomed and comfortable, but they made my husband and I feel that way too. The family nights, concerts and fundraisers make us feel like we're part of a little family. The variety of activities that the children get to do is amazing - music class, art, sensory, reading, outdoor/indoor play etc. Michael's language, social skills and ability to follow instructions and routine have dramatically improved since starting at the JCC . People tell us all the time how impressed they are with his knowledge (counting, colours, some letter and number recognition etc) and we attribute a great deal of that to the time and care given to him at childcare.

    We love getting the daily reports that his class provides of how Michael's day went and knowing a bit about what he did that day. All the staff there are incredibly friendly, kind and helpful. Even though Michael technically has 3 primary teachers, all of the teachers know him, his name and I know would look out for him.

    I really can't say enough good about our experience at the JCC. I think it is best demonstrated by the fact that everyday when I walk out of the doors after dropping Michael off I have a smile on my face. I know that he is going to have a great day, full of fun, stimulating and educational activities. I never thought that feeling would be possible when leaving my child in someone else's care, but with the Libbie Cowan Childcare Centre it is.

    Julie and Brad, Childcare Parents


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