AGT5 PoliciesthumbThe Al Green Theatre is a professionally operated space that strives to deliver impeccable customer service to both our clients and patrons. It is through consistency and the delivery of clear communication that we aim to achieve these goals.

    In order to deliver this level of service we ask that our clients follow basic policies to ensure a pleasurable experience for all clients and patrons of the Al Green Theatre. We thank you in advance for your consideration and respect of these policies.

    • For all bookings you will require at least one technician with you at all times, and one Front of House Supervisor with three staff ushers for each public performance. The AGT reserves the right to dictate staffing levels for all events/engagements in the space. External technical staff may be provided by the visiting company, subject to the approval of the AGT Technical Director. All Front of House staff must be provided by the Al Green Theatre.
    • The Al Green Theatre abides by the Ontario Employment Standards Act. All staff is required to have a 30 minute meal break after five hours of work.
      • FOH Staff - for shifts longer than five hours in length, an Usher Captain will be scheduled for a 3-hour minimum call to cover meals breaks (paid for by the client).
      • Technician(s) - for shifts longer than five hours in length a meal break must be built in for the Technician(s) as part of the daily schedule, during which time the theatre must be evacuated and locked down. Should it not be possible to schedule an appropriate break the company must notify the AGT Technical Director at least 2 weeks in advance so an additional Technician can be scheduled for a 3-hour minimum call to cover meal breaks (paid for by the client).
    • Operational and technical requirements for an event should be agreed to in advance with the relevant theatre staff. For events where specific equipment is required that is not included in the theatre’s inventory, arrangements must be made with the AGT Technical Director to ensure the smooth interfacing of any rented equipment with in-house systems
    • The theatre requires that all groups provide a Stage Manager. This person must NOT be a performer, box office staff or an audience member during any live event. The stage manager must liaise with theatre staff regarding all event logistics and is expected to be available and ready for their event to start a minimum of 30 minutes before the expected event start time.
    • There will be no access to the stage or auditorium without a representative of the AGT team. This includes mandatory staff breaks in accordance with the Employment Standards Act. The dressing rooms and studio space will still be available for use if confirmed with the theatre in advance.
    • Hazardous materials, smoking, open flame, pyrotechnics, and firearms/weapons are not allowed in the theatre. Some exceptions may apply if approved in advance by the AGT Technical Director. All relevant licenses, additional insurance and necessary personnel will be the responsibility of the visiting company and must be confirmed and arranged with the AGT Technical Director prior to entry in the theatre.
    • At the end of the engagement the visiting company is responsible for the removal and appropriate disposal of any items no longer required by the company. Any oversize items must be disposed of off-site. Not adhering to this policy will result in additional charges to be determined by the theatre.
    • The house will be opened to the public 30 minutes before the expected event start time unless specifically agreed upon in advance with the AGT Bookings Coordinator. All company members and their personal items should be removed from the auditorium no less than 15 minutes before this time (45 minutes prior to event start).
    • The maximum capacity of the theatre will be determined by the AGT Bookings Coordinator and must not be exceeded. All patrons in the auditorium during the performance, including production staff, must have both a seat and a ticket, including babes-in-arms.
    • No food or drink (with the exception of bottled water) will be allowed either onstage, in the wings, or in the auditorium. This includes all setup, rehearsal, and performance times. Some exceptions are made for events that take place when the seating is removed.
    • The selling of goods or any fundraising activities on the premises must be approved in advance with the theatre. Please note that absolutely no food or drinks can be sold anywhere on the premises.
    • The Al Green Theatre and Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre have both a Code of Conduct and a Scent-Free policy. All external renters, company members, patrons and others are expected to abide by these policies without exception. These policies can be made available to companies by the AGT Bookings Coordinator.


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