Three people look at photos hanging on a gallery wallLocated in the Jacobs Lounge on the main floor of the Miles Nadal JCC, the Gallery provides a platform for both emerging and established artists to showcase their talent, share their stories and connect with the community through visual art.

    Our exhibitions draw the viewer's attention to corners of everyday life, often challenging pre-existing opinions of culture, religious identity and social issues. Celebrate the powerful world of images and painting at The Gallery at the J. 

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    Q: What is the size of the gallery?

    A: The gallery has 500 square feet of non-linear hanging space.


    Q: How many people visit the gallery a month?

    A: Our gallery doubles as our member’s lounge with approximately 1,000 members and guests frequenting the space.


    Chōkanzu Web IconMarch 3 - April 28, 2020
    Third Floor Exhibit

    Gregg Allan McGivern

    As a Multi-Disciplined artist, I am always exploring new forms of art. My latest pursuit is Pyrography. I find it to be quite challenging and satisfying as the technique is tactile and the aroma of burnt wood brings back childhood memories. I have always been fascinated with cityscapes and perspectives; this series explores the bird's eye view of combining these and creating original cityscapes. The Japanese word for this is Chōkanzu. Fixating on each piece causes vertigo and as a former parachutist, I want to jump into the scene. How do they make you feel?

    About the Artist

    Gregg Allan McGivern is a prolific Multi-Disciplined artist with interests in Painting, Drawing, Assemblage, Metalsmithing, Model Making, Textile Art and notably Wood Burning. He is known as an experimental artist and combines these disciplines as well as constantly utilizing various substrates, materials and mediums to create art. He is an outsider, self-taught artist and considers himself a serial artist, as he usually creates 5 to 10 pieces in a group. He has sold over 1000 pieces mainly to local collectors as well as others, in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. Gregg is a senior member and instructor at Workman Arts and founded the Toronto Art Collective.

    The work of Gregg Allan McGivern is for sale. Support local artists. Bring art into your life.

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    two kids with blue paint on their hands hold their hands upApril 2 - April 20, 2020

    Often, the creative urge, once we express it, brings real relief in whatever form it takes. We have an inner sense that we can make what is into what we feel could and should be. –Fred “Mr.” Rogers
    In the ECE programs at the MNjcc, we believe that children learn immensely through creative expression. Their image of the world comes through all that they create through various mediums, materials and experience.
    Through this principle, the Toddler/Preschool/JK children have created masterpieces in this exhibit, showcasing their creativity through their image of the world.
    The children whose creations are exhibited, range in age from 15 months to 5 years. These creations were all based on their initial interests. Teachers observed and followed their lead!


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