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Code of Conduct

The MNjcc provides a tolerant environment for all people using and working at our JCC. The Board and management of the MNjcc expect all persons to behave in a manner consistent with this policy while using or working at our JCC. The laws of the Province of Ontario (including the Human Rights Code) apply to how the MNjcc conducts its programsand services and equally apply to how staff and Members behave while using MNjcc facilities. The MNjcc reserves the right to suspend Membership privileges, without refund, of any Member, or to remove from the premises any Member, who:

  • Aids or abets in the unauthorized entrance of a Non-member
  • Is physically or verbally abusive to any Member or MNjcc staff
  • Knowingly disregards any MNjcc rule or regulation
  • Deliberately causes damage to any MNjcc property
  • Uses profanity while on the premises

Please report a breach of any of these rules immediately to MNjcc staff.

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