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Our Teachers

The staff are all nurturing individuals who have a lovely way with children.

Our teachers are all experienced Early Childhood Educators or Early Childhood Assistants (or equivalent). Teachers are hired based on their mannerism with children and their belief in our philosophy. They must be warm and accepting of children as individuals. We do not believe in raising our voices to get the attention of the children. We approach the children and speak with them in a manner that is non-threatening.

A staff ratio of 1:8 (2 & 3 year old rooms) 1:10 (J.K. rooms)  is strictly maintained in accordance with the Childcare and Early Years Act..

staffCathy Indig, Director of Children's Education

Cathy Indig is a graduate of Seneca College with a diploma in Early Childhood Education and from Brock University with a degree in Education. She has been teaching children for 27 years. Her experience also includes teaching adults in the Early Childhood Education field as well as training teenagers to work with children. Cathy joined the Miles Nadal JCC Nursery School  (now called the Thomas & Marjorie Schwartz Preschool Centre) as Director in 2005. Prior to that she taught Nursery and Junior Kindergarten at a preschool in Thornhill, Ontario for 16 years.Cathy is married with two adult children and three grandchildren.


a woman with dark hair looks into the cameraParveen Virdi, Assistant Director of Children's Education

Coming from sunny Vancouver, Parveen Virdi brings her diploma in Early Childhood Education and several years of teaching her own preschool class. She has been teaching children since the age of 19 and enjoys every moment of it. Parveen joined the Miles Nadal JCC in 2013 as an Afterschool staff.  As time passed Parveen progressed to the Manager of Camps. Her passion for educating  children and her strong sense of community made her the perfect choice for the position of Assistant Director of Children’s Education working alongside Cathy Indig. Parveen is committed to make everyone feel welcomed and is looking forwards to many more experiences at the JCC.

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