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Our Playground

Children learn while surrounded by nature.

Children playing in outdoor playgroundIn the midst of urban downtown, our Green Playground is always filled with children who are excited to bee out in nature. Our outdoor space includes trees, bushes and a planting area for the children to use. We also have instruments, an art area, upside down trees and a bicycle path. It has been proven that children who are surrounded by nature learn to appreciate it more as well as understanding the importance of taking care of it. Our playground is totally inclusive. Competition is reduced and everyone finds something that they are interested in doing. The benefit to our community as a whole is to decrease  CO2 levels in the surrounding area. It is our hope that you too recognize the importance of making this change and the benefits that it will bring to our community.

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Important Notices

Rosh Hashanah Closures:

September 19  
Gymnasium closes at 8:00 am
September 20
Gymnasium closed all day
Building closes at 4:30 pm
September 21
Building closed
September 22
Building closed
September 23
North gymnasium reopens at 9:00 am
Full gymnasium reopens by 1:00 pm

Yom Kippur Closures:
September 28
Gymnasium closes at 8:00 am
September 29
Building closes at 4:30 pm
September 30
Building closed
October 1
Gymnasium reopens by 3:00 pm

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