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Membership Freeze Request

Members are permitted to freeze their membership in one month increments. Your access cards will be deactivated during your freeze. Access to the fitness centre is not permitted, including attending all personal training sessions or other programs that you have registered for. If you access the facility during your freeze period you will be charged the cost of a day pass.

A monthly Freeze Fee of $10.00 (+ HST and CIF) will replace your regular membership dues. If you rent a locker, you will continue to be billed your regular locker rate in addition to the Freeze Fee. Once your freeze period has ended, your regular membership billing will automatically resume.

Billing cannot be prorated to the day. Requests for partial months (eg 1.5 months) will not be processed

Freezes cannot be applied retroactively.

Please indicate the requested first day of your freeze:

Once you click the ‘Submit’ button a copy of your request will be sent to the email address you provided above. You will receive a response to your request within 5 business days. Freeze extension requests must be submitted prior to the end of your freeze period. You may be required to pay the difference between the Freeze Fee and your regular membership dues if you reactivate early.

If you have any questions please contact our Customer Accounts Coordinator , Wendy Moss, at 416-924-6211 ext.231 or

By submitting this form I verify that I have read, understood, and agree to all conditions indicated above.

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