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Current Exhibit: The Best Laid Plans

TheBestLaidPlans webiconJanuary 4 - 29, 2018

About the Exhibit

The Best Laid Plans is a group exhibition by Toronto artists Romy Block, Bernice Manalo and Talie Shalmon, exploring the theme of control versus the absence of control in the art-making process, as well as the fear and relief associated with letting go. Each artist uses different methods and techniques to achieve a distinct aesthetic while leaving room for chance along the way.

Opening Reception  - Sunday January 7, 4:00 pm

About the Artists

Romy Block is a South African born, Toronto based artist, designer, photographer and maker. Her passion for art began at a young age, culminating in a BFA in Painting and Drawing from OCADU. She often explores the theme of interconnectivity in nature in her work. For the Best Laid Plans she chose to focus on the tension between control and chaos by contrasting rigid, geometric shapes with organic, flowing lines.

Bernice Manalo studied Fine Arts at York University and has exhibited at the Goldfarb Centre Gallery, Toronto Free Gallery, as well as the Gardiner Museum.  Additional pursuits include poetry, sculpture, mixed media, and expressive arts therapy.  She aims to create an entry point into the genre of abstraction by eliciting an emotional response from the viewer.  Each piece is created by layering washes of colour and textured mediums over one another.  As amorphous shapes begin to emerge, they are contrasted with sharp, graphic lines.  This way of working is very freeform but necessitates taking a step back to examine how things have progressed, and working through any stumbling blocks that may occur.  She enjoys focusing on the process itself and is influenced by what arises moment-to-moment as paint meets canvas.  Bernice also touches on the notion of fragmentation, one of her favourite concepts to illustrate visually.  Every painting in this show is its own finished work, even if it is part of a set. The idea that a broken portion of a whole can still stand alone, is one that deeply resonates with the artist.  The colour palette, composition, and abstract elements of "Joie de Vivre" and "Traces" serve as the catalysts and inspiration for subsequent pieces in this exhibition.  True to form, only their sentiments can be translated onto another surface as they were created free-hand, based on thoughts and emotions of a particular moment in time, which is impossible to duplicate. The viewer is encouraged to derive meaning from each piece based on their individual experience with it.

Talie Shalmon is an artist and graphic designer from Toronto. Themes that often emerge from her work include identity and nature, and she expresses her ideas using a wide variety of mediums. Talie holds an MDes from Carleton University and a BFA from Queen’s University. She aims to communicate complex emotions using the limits of two-dimensional media. She uses colour and abstract forms to convey a specific feeling, attempting to share her inner world with the viewer without using words. The drawings are created in the moment, while the artist is in the particular mood she is trying to express, and then the final composition is planned and the colours selected to signify the many facets of that feeling. The paint is applied in a freeform fashion, allowing the colours to mingle and overlap, echoing the nature of human emotions; they are layered, multifaceted, and not so easily defined.

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