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Current Exhibit - Hello, Other Moon

HellothermoonwebiconDecember 2, 2017 - January 21, 2018
Illustrations by Yaara Eshet after poems by Ronna Bloom

An exhibition of loss, longing, and compassion.


About the Exhibit

The Poems - The poems circle themes of health, tenderness, vulnerability, mortality, power, compassion, and hospitals. Illustrator Yaara Eshet responded to 15 poems from my book The More (published by Pedlar Press) creating 15 worlds! The illustrations don't rely on the poems for their potency. To stand in a room of images and words together is to encounter colour, movement, rhythm, voices, faces, and people fleeting and present.

The illustrations – The starting point is always a word, written or spoken. It is the seed from which ideas and images sprout. The encounter with Ronna Bloom’s poems opened a window for me to see new pictures and hear new voices. They spoke to me in an intimate way and gave me words when I did not know how to speak. My works are not a finite interpretation of the poems. They are subjective and "stained" by my individual associations. They are shared here, accompanied by selections from the poems that inspired them.

About the Artists

Ronna Bloom has published six books of poetry, most recently The More (Pedlar Press 2017). Her poems have been translated into Spanish and Bengali, recorded by the CNIB, and used in films, by architects, in education and health care. She is currently Poet in Community at U of T and Poet in Residence at Sinai Health System in Toronto.

Yaara Eshet was born in kibbutz Degania Bet. She is a graduate of The School of Visual Communication in Bezalel, The Academy for Art and Design in Jerusalem. Her illustrations have appeared in newspapers, magazines, multiple children and adult books and projects for design and advertising offices. Eshet has shown her works in solo and joint exhibition, galleries and art fairs in Israel and Canada. She lives in Toronto with her husband, children, and a variable number of cats.

Yaara Eshet’s work is for sale. Ronna Bloom’s book, The More, is for sale.
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