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Upcoming Exhibit: Blessing

blessing web iconOctober 4 - 30, 2017
Sharon Epstein
On the day we were married, my late husband and I climbed a rope ladder high up into the Costa Rican rain forest. We stood under a Chuppah, or “canopy”, of strangler fig trees and, in the company of howler monkeys and exotic birds, we were married. In loving memory of my husband and the home we created, I have created a series of ritual textile objects.

They celebrate our marriage which was filled with joy and sadness, but above all an enduring love. These series of Kettubahs and Chuppahs incorporate my artistic practice as a textile artist specializing in Judaic liturgical textiles and the rituals of Judaism. The Hebrew word Chuppah has many connotations apart from “canopy”. It also represents a room, a travelling tent where a ceremony can be held, and a wall hanging.

About the Artist
Sharon Epstein’s printed and stitched textiles have been exhibited in Britain and North America. They are in the permanent collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England, and the Skirball Museum in Los Angeles and the Yeshiva University museum in New York. Over the past few years, she has become increasingly fascinated with everyday ceremonial objects used in synagogues. This interest has culminated in several major commissions for synagogues in the United States and Canada. The work of Sharon Epstein is for sale. Support local artists and bring art into your home.

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Important Notices

Rosh Hashanah Closures:

September 19  
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September 20
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September 21
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September 22
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September 23
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September 28
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September 29
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September 30
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October 1
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