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Current Exhibit - I See: Difference in Perspective

ISee webicon2July 15 - September 4, 2017

I See: Difference in Perspective is an exploration of identity and disability through the medium of photography. Through striking photographic imagery, we invite the viewer to enter into a world of empowerment and storytelling, framed by 17 perspectives. We are engaging in a conversation; capturing the unique exchange of artist, disability, and Toronto. Each photo in this gallery is a reflection of the individual's focus, chosen by each artist. These photos are statements on the lived experience of young artists with disabilities.


Maayan Ziv
Focusing on black and white portraiture, editorial fashion, and gritty street scenes, Maayan has been recognized as an influential Canadian talent. Her work has been featured on television, in galleries and magazines. Sitting on a wheelchair gives Maayan a unique perspective that is evident in her work. Her goal is to bring awareness to disabilities and the arts.

Steve Kean
Steve Kean describes himself as both a disabled photographer and a photographer with a disability. He identifies as a disabled photographer because he creates art in a world that is not designed to accommodate him and his wheelchair. But, people are more comfortable with “artist with a disability” because it acknowledges Kean as a person first.

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