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Making Music Happen at the MNjcc: we want your stories!

adults singing, child playing drums and girl playing cello on stage
Seeking submissions

We are proud and very excited to announce that the MNjcc has recently been awarded a grant from the JCC Association’s centennial initiative: Making Music Happen. The grant is to help JCCs celebrate the past and future of Jewish life in their JCC and across North America, creating a communal soundtrack of JCCs – through creativity, collaboration and community.

To fulfill the grant requirements, we have begun initial planning for a music video about our wonderful JCC community. Our funded project involves commissioning an original composition to be written by Aaron Jensen, Artistic Director of the a capella singing group, Countermeasure. To get the MNjcc community involved, we’re calling for stories about your experience at the MNjcc, describing something unique you’ve experienced at the MNjcc/Bloor Y/South Y – whatever you have called us! Aaron plans to use the stories submitted for inspiration in his composition. The video component will show all the diverse parts of the JCC and its people, programs and places.

We hope to include as many people as possible who are part of the MNjcc community to craft an MNjcc "identity.” Through collaborating we will know each other all the better, and see more than we’ve ever seen of each other’s creative sides. Please submit all of your “stories” and/or “lyrics” to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you. We are excited to read your contributions!


Gretchen Paxson Abberger, Harriet Wichin and Aaron Jensen

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