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Hebrew Institute Classes

Open to everyone, our adult Hebrew courses allow you to delve into the language at your own pace. Courses run from Hebrew Intro to Advanced Hebrew Conversation. Sessions are generally ten weeks long, with two hours of instruction per week. Classes are small to give you the individualized attention you need. New students to the program are required to take a placement test and/or oral interview before registering for a course. Scholarships may be available based on demonstrated financial need. For placement tests, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and for scholarship applications, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Hebrew Aleph 1


Expand your Hebrew conversational skills! Review your aleph-bet and expand your basic vocabulary as you start to read short stories. Learn to exchange personal information, talk about the weather and the classroom experience, the seasons, food, and shopping. This course builds on the present tense and introduces the past tense. Prerequisite: Hebrew Intro or equivalent.

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Hebrew Aleph 2


The Hebrew power hour! This course teaches you to start reading without vowels and begin describing things using adjectives. Learn to talk and write about family, order from a restaurant menu, and tell a story in the past tense or present tense. Prerequisite: Hebrew Aleph 1 or equivalent.

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Hebrew Bet 1


Improve your Hebrew grammar, expand your vocabulary and improve your reading, writing and conversational skills. Learn to tell time, describe a person’s likes and dislikes, and talk about future plans. Prerequisite: Hebrew Aleph 2 or equivalent.

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Hebrew Bet 2


Go in-depth! Learn new expressions and idioms through stories, folk tales, riddles, and listening activities. Expand your ability to write and talk about the past, present, and future with more complex vocabulary. Prerequisite: Hebrew Bet 1 or equivalent.

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Hebrew Gimel 1


Create descriptive stories and dialogues in writing and aloud. Your conversation is supported by new grammar lessons and vocabulary enrichment. Prerequisite: Hebrew Bet 2 or equivalent.

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Hebrew Dalet 1

dalet1This class was formerly known as Vav.

Focus on vocabulary enrichment and oral fluency! The course includes varied texts and articles, integrated with advanced oral expression, texts, writing assignments and grammar. Prerequisite: Hebrew Gimel 2 or equivalent.

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Hebrew Dalet 2


A continuation of our Dalet 1 course. Expand your vocabulary and your advanced communication skill! Delve into sophisticated contemporary Hebrew conversation and writing with new literacy and oral comprehension exercises. Prerequisite: Hebrew Dalet 1 or equivalent.

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Hebrew Beginner Conversation

HebrewConvo1 webiconStart speaking Hebrew! Learn to introduce yourself and discuss day-to-day events, likes and dislikes, how to find your way in the city, Hebrew songs and more. Grammar lessons offered as needed to support conversation, but are not the focus of this course. This course is ideal for those who have no Hebrew background and for students who would like to brush up on their basic conversational skills. No prerequisite required.

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Hands-On Hebrew

a woman holds a menu and orders from a server in a restaurantThis course is designed for students who are looking to advance their conversational skills beyond the classroom. In this course you will be doing a variety of hands-on activities – all in Hebrew! Cooking, art, dining in a restaurant and movie night are just some of the activities through which you’ll learn Hebrew using all your senses. Prerequisite: Gimel 2 or Placement interview.

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Hebrew Advanced Conversation

HebrewConvo2 webiconMove off the page! This course is designed for students graduating from Dalet 2 or equivalent to develop your conversational skills beyond the textbook. This is a lively, relaxed setting, conversation group: meet new people and discuss relevant, topical subjects in a flexible curriculum that you help shape. Grammar lessons offered as needed to support conversation, but are not the focus of this course. Readings, presented as triggers for dialogue, are offered in Hebrew; literacy is expected. Prerequisite: Hebrew Dalet 2 or placement interview.

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Yiddish - Beginner

Yiddish webSay it in Yiddish! This beginner-level course in conversational Yiddish will introduce you to the rich world of Yiddish language and culture. Learn to express yourself in Yiddish and engage with Yiddish culture through lively class discussions, activities, and songs. Presented with the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto’s Committee for Yiddish. Prerequisite: Placement interview

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Yiddish - Continued

Yiddish webiconFor those who have have some prior Yiddish background, this intermediate-level course will help you develop and broaden your Yiddish abilities. Build on your conversational and literary skills with class discussions and projects, Yiddish songs, and engaging readings from modern Yiddish literature. Presented with the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto’s Committee for Yiddish. Prerequisite: Yiddish Beginners, or Placement interview

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