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None Shall Escape

black and white film still, three people intently having a conversationPresented by Toronto Jewish Film Society
Co-presented with Toronto Film Society
Sunday February 26, 4:00 & 7:30 pm

USA, 1944, Andre De Toth director, 85 min

Guest Speaker: Professor Ron Levi

Produced and released before the end of WWII, None Shall Escape prophetically foreshadowed the war crimes tribunals that would soon follow.Told through the lens of the trial of a Nazi officer and his impact on the life of a small Polish village,this film is daring, often powerful, and a definite.must-see.

Read more: None Shall Escape

Apples from the Desert (Tapuchim Min Hamidbar)

woman with hand on shoulder of younger woman, both look worriedPresented by Toronto Jewish Film Society
Co-presented with City Shul and Spotlight on Israeli Culture
Sunday March 26, 4:00 & 7:30 pm

Israel, 2014, Matti Harari & Arik Lubetzky directors, 96 min

Guest Speakers: 4:00 pm: Journalist David Levine; 7:30 pm: Rabbi Elyse Goldstein

When Rebecca’s curiosity leads her beyond the traditionsof her Jerusalem home, she confronts questionsof faith, identity, and belonging in modern Israel—forcing her parents to do the same. From the story by Savyon Liebrecht and starring Moran Rosenblatt. In Hebrew with English subtitles.

Read more: Apples from the Desert (Tapuchim Min Hamidbar)

Sam and Me

Man sits reading newspaper at table Presented by Toronto Jewish Film Society
Co-presented with 918 Bathurst, celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday
Sunday June 4, 4:00 & 7:30 pm

Canada, 1991, Deepa Mehta director, 94 min

Guest Speaker: Paul Saltzman, Executive Producer of Sam and Me

A quirky comedy that follows the adventures of a Jewish senior and his minder, a young East Indian immigrant. Sam and Me looks at Toronto’s recent past and portrays the similar dreams of different cultures and generations.

Read more: Sam and Me

The Human Resources Manager (Shlichuto Shel HaMemune Al Mashabei Enosh)

Four adults in winter coats standing in front of a Volkswagen busPresented by Toronto Jewish Film Society
Co-presented with  Schwartz/Reisman Centre 
Sunday October 15, 2017

Guest Speaker: Critic Adam Nayman

Israel, Germany, France, Romania, 2010
Eran Riklis director, 103 min

A suicide bombing in Israel takes the life of a Romanian worker, leaving her reluctant HR manager to escort her body home. An adaptation of A.B. Yehoshua’s novel from the director of The Syrian Bride, The Human Resources Manager is a darkly comic yet poignant film. In Hebrew , English, Romanian and French with English Subititles.

Read more: The Human Resources Manager (Shlichuto Shel HaMemune Al  Mashabei  Enosh)

Bogdan’s Journey

men wearing kippahs and woman wearing hat at memorialPresented by Toronto Jewish Film Society
Co-presented with Holocaust Education Week and the Polish Jewish Heritage Foundation
Sunday November 5, 2017

Guest Speaker: Professor Piotr J. Wróbel

Poland, USA, 2016, Michal Jaskulski & Lawrence Loewinger directors, 83 min

In 1946, forty Holocaust survivors seeking shelter in Kielce, Poland, were murdered by townspeople. For decades, Polish authorities suppressed the story. Bogdan’s Journey documents the Kielce Pogrom
and one man’s attempts to persuade people to face their past. In Polish with English Subtitles.

Read more: Bogdan’s Journey

The Concert (Le concert)

conductor looking out from stage towards a large concert venuePresented by Toronto Jewish Film Society
Co-presented with The Royal Conservatory of Music
Sunday December 10, 2017

France, 2009, Radu Mihaileanu director, 119 min

Former Bolshoi conductor Andrei Simoniovich Filipov was fi red for engaging Jewish musicans. Now he works at the Bolshoi as a cleaner. Learning that the orchestra has been invited to play in Paris, he conspires to conduct the concert. Witness his triumph over his disastrous past in this delightful comedic drama. In French and Russian with English Subtitles.

Read more: The Concert (Le concert)

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