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Group Exercise Classes

A cardio conditioning class done in the water.
Aquafit R.O.M.
This aquafit class emphasizes range of motion exercises. This is a great class for participants with conditions/ailments such as Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, etc. with zero impact on the joints in a safe, effective and enjoyable environment.
Athletic Intervals
A combination of strength and cardio endurance intervals. Challenge yourself with some plyometrics. Low impact options are provided.

Ashtanga Yoga
A vigorous style of specific asanas (postures) sequenced to emphasize breath, strength, flexibility & endurance.
High Intensity Interval Training combining short bursts of cardiovascular and functional fitness exercises.
Cardio Sculpt
40 minutes of cardio followed by 20 minutes of sculpting.
Use weights and calisthenics to sculpt and shape muscles
Classic Stretch
Designed to improve flexibility, posture and reduce stress. Slow extended stretches and proper body alignment are the emphasis.
Functional Conditioning
Warm up with a Yoga Flow mobility sequence. Master 3 rounds of 6 primal movement patterns. Peak your performance with intervals of Cardio and Core conditioning.
Fundamental Fitness
1/3 low impact cardio, 1/3 muscle conditioning and 1/3 stretch. Great for seniors, and novice participants.
Gravity Total Body
Focus on core strength using a piece of equipment called the Gravity Machine. It's a paid program.
A dance based fitness class with a limited emphasis on choreography and a larger focus on movement exploration. Fundamental Groove offers a gentler version of Groove.
Group Power
Your hour of Power! This barbell class strengthens all your major muscle groups. All fitness levels welcome.
Cycle (45 min), Power cycle (60 min)
Get your cardio fix in our dynamic cycle classes.
Cycle & Sculpt
30 minutes of cycle followed by 20 minutes of muscle conditioning.
Yoga Flow
A synchronization of mind, body and breath by moving through a series of standing and seated postures. Participants are left feeling relaxed, centered and energized. Gentle Yoga Flow offers a slower pace.
combines stretching and strengthening exercises to improve posture, breathing and core strength.
Pilates/ Barre
Combines mat Pilates with Ballet moves using the Equalizer Bars for overall conditioning.
Power Yoga
Influenced by Ashtanga Yoga, this is a dynamic form of Yoga where one posture moves seamlessly into the next.
Restorative Yoga
A gentle healing of Hatha Yoga using props. Please arrive early for proper set up. Entrance into class after start time is not permitted.
Stretch & Strength
A well balanced class using elements from Yoga, Pilates and fitness to strengthen your core and body while increasing your flexibility.
Stretch & Release
A premium myofascial stretch and body release program for better circulation, detoxification, and full body health.
Total Body Sculpt
A conditioning class using a variety of equipment such as dumbbells, balls & bands.
Prepare to be taken to the limit in this bootcamp style class.
Your workout will feel like a party while you perform simple choreography to great Latin music.

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